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CVG's best of YouTube

Our video team go wild, well wild-ish

Well it's Friday afternoon here at CVG towers and as we watch the hours slowly tick down to pub o'clock, what better way to fritter an idle moment or two away than by checking out the best of what's been happening on the CVG YouTube channel this week.

Our crack squad of video wallahs have been busy as always, raiding gaming's seedier underbelly to bring you tasty goodies including a splendid Dishonored interview with Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio, a Prototype 2 Xbox 360 vs PS3 comparison movie and a meaty Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Gameplay interview. Enjoy and show them some love by subscribing!

Dishonored Gameplay Interview

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Bioshock Infinite Inception trailer

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Prototype 2 Xbox 360 vs PS3 Comparison video

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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Gameplay interview
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Resident Evil 6 gameplay movie

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