6 games that would actually be better with Kinect

Wave your hands in the air if you just don't care...

Motion control gives you the wonderful opportunity to do silly things like wave your arms around and shout obscenities at your television until the voice recognition eventually decides to accept your regional dialect and let you progress from the main menu.

As much as we love to hate on it, it's important to remember the controller-less genre is still in its infancy, yet to break into the mass-market the way that Microsoft envisions. While the Wii has rocketed to success with the wavy wavy Wii-mote madness, others have had a tougher time convincing people to prance about like ninnies in front of their teles.

Sony has been a bit quiet on the Move front, and although Microsoft's Kinect seems to have made more of an impact, it still has a ways to go.

Therefore we've set our mind to the future of Kinect, the next-generational step towards motion controlling genius. What franchises do we want to see with Kinect functionality? How can the system escape the restrictions of 'casual gaming' and bombard into the living rooms of the hardcore?

We've got the wish list of games we reckon could be bettered by Kinect, give us yours in the comments below.



Forza 4 gave us a glimpse of the kinds of Kinect implementation we can expect from hardcore racing games. Aside from the walking around a car to Jeremy Clarkson's narrated nonsense the actual on-track Kinect stuff was surprisingly accurate, giving us an decent step towards driving a car with no controllers wedged in between our hands.

For the next step we want full Kinect functionality including the use of your feet. Simply sit back from your screen and use your feet to accelerate and brake while your hands do the difficult work. As Forza supports clutch and gear control it could even feature proper invisible clutch work in order to really up the challenge.

It would be a difficult feat no doubt, but as we learned with Mass Effect 3's brilliant voice controls earlier this year, Kinect has enough juice to make it happen. Turn 10 just needs to ensure it's fluid and hassle free for the player.

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