Crytek: 'Awesome' next-gen used games block comments 'weren't serious'

Crysis studio distances itself from remarks on anti-used games measures

Crytek stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest last week when Rasmus Hojengaard, the studio's director of creative development, said he'd be delighted to see Microsoft's and Sony's next-gen consoles introduce anti-used games measures.

But the developer has now provided us with a fresh statement claiming that Hojengaard's original comment "was not intended to be taken seriously".


At the conclusion of our Crysis 3 interview, which is due to be published in full shortly, we asked Hojengaard what the studio would like to see when the platform holders launch the next round of consoles. Questioned further about his feelings on rumoured measures to block used games, he initially told us:

"From a business perspective that would be absolutely awesome. It's weird that [second-hand] is still allowed because it doesn't work like that in any other software industries, so it would be great if they could somehow fix that issue as well."

Now, distancing himself and Crytek from the remark, Hojengaard has said:

"My comment made in the interview released on the 24th of April, touching upon 'blocking sales of used games', was not intended to be taken seriously nor representative of the opinion of Crytek."

As creatives who put years of work into making each game, it's understandable that Hojengaard and his team would want to maximise sales. But the blocking of used games isn't a notion that sits well with consumers, and it's equally understandable that Crytek doesn't want to annoy gamers.

Either way, Crytek's now made its official stance on the matter clear.

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