Blizzard details Diablo 3's real-money auctions

Transaction fees confirmed

Blizzard has detailed the real-money auction houses set to launch with Diablo III, and the fees players will have to cough up for selling items.


Each of Diablo III's three game regions - the Americas, Europe and Asia - has its own separate set of gold and real-money auction houses (one for each supported currency in the region).

Each auction house is completely independent, meaning items listed on one do not appear on another, Blizzard explains.

For selling items in the real-world auction house, transaction fees will apply. Equipment will cost $1 USD/AUD per item. Meanwhile commodities such as gems and recipes will cost you 15 percent of the final sale price.

Players can pay for virtual gear with either their account, or Paypal for a 15 percent transfer fee.

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