Valve 'not announcing anything at E3'

Gabe Newell says studio will be "showing stuff everyone already knows"

Those hoping to get the first word on new entries in the Half-Life, Portal or Left 4 Dead series at next month's E3 look set to be left disappointed.


A seemingly genuine email sent by Valve boss Gabe Newell to fan site ValveTime said of the company's E3 plans:

"We are not announcing anything at E3. Really. We are not announcing Half-Life 3 or Portal 3 or Left 4 Dead 3. We are going to be showing stuff everyone already knows about (CS:Go, Dota 2, 10' UI, ...)"

We guess there's still time for a change of heart, but it doesn't sound likely.

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Valve's company handbook for new starters found its way onto the net last month, and it's fair to say the company likes to do things a little differently from your average developer, employing no real managers and letting its employees pretty much pick and choose their projects.