New Black Ops 2 trailer investigates future warfare, tech

Directed energy, exoskeletons and new types of camouflage

Activision's released a new documentary-style trailer for Black Ops 2 focusing on future warfare and tech.


"I don't think the average American grasps how violent war is about to become," says retired US Marine Corps officer and political commentator Oliver Laurence North.

"Some of the most advanced technologies are not just going to be in the hands on the big boys," adds 'future war expert' PW Singer, who goes on to talk about directed energy (basically lasers made real), exoskeletons and new types of camouflage.

If you missed yesterday's news, Black Ops 2 will be set in 2025 and feature plenty of futuristic weapons and gadgets. CVG's Black Ops 2 preview went live yesterday alongside the game's debut trailer, which we analysed in-depth here.

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