CVG: Comments of the Week

"Metroid made by Epic? Come on now thats unreal"

This week's comments of the week are mostly reasonable, well thought out, interesting posts from you guys and girls. What's going on? Where's all the hate and the trolling? Oh, it's all in the Black Ops articles.

Moving swiftly on, Here's the best of this week's bunch...

God of War: Ascension - First screens show multiplayer

Seems they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. People complained with the last game that once you'd finished there was nothing to do so why keep it. Now they've added something for people to come back to after the story and it's getting called tacked on.

You're right Barry316, change rarely goes down well. But we're optimistic, it turned out alright for Uncharted and Assassin's, why can't it be the same for God of War?

God of War: Ascension gets first epic gameplay video

So, even though there has been 5 cracking God of War games before, everyone is already writing this entire game off after getting a small glimpse of the multiplayer mode? I think I'll wait till the game is finished before throwing my toys out the pram.

Good plan flash501, Sony Santa Monica Studios has earned the benefit of the doubt.

Black Ops 2 site goes live, confirms release date, '21st Century Cold War' setting

Haters gonna hate.

Me? I'll be queuing up for this bad boy at the midnight launch with my missus and I can't wait! Although a tad disappointed they aren't sticking with the setting.

In this case, haters will definitely hate Mmmmgrolsch, nice to see some positivity.

a href="http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=346121" target="_blank">Nintendo plans to attract core gamers before casual with Wii U

Nintendo need to cater for everyone spending money not just short term but most of the Wii u's life,also new ip's.

I would like Epic to make a first party title for wii u,get them to make metroid using unreal engine DX 11.

Nintendo really has struggled creating IPs recently, we're really hoping it has something new for us next-gen. It's been too long. Also, Metroid running on UE, hells yes! Cross those fingers TOKEN

Metroid made by Epic? Come on now thats unreal.

Though it makes a lot of sense surprisingly enough.

Not sure if this was intentional, but an amusing pun nevertheless Sentinator. Good job.

You know what I'm hoping this means? Nintendo releasing versions of their old rock-hard IPs. New F-Zero, new Starfox, new Ice Climbers maybe, hell, perhaps even a new IP if we're really lucky!

Oh, and a version of Wii Fit that'll make yer gran run until her legs fall off.

We know we just said we want to see more new IPs, but that was before Balladeer reminded us of a sorely missing new F-Zero title. GIVE US THIS.

Inside Xbox discontinued in US, Canada Australia

"invest our resources and talents wisely"

Wise - sticking by your community

Not wise - cutting off your community, and forcing full-fledged advertising on said paying community

Well said Nanaki

PlayStation's 'Urban Trials': Does this look like a familiar Xbox game to you?

Nothing worng with the Game, like others have said, there have been loads of Games like this before Red Lynx perfected it.

Its the name, that sticks in my throat, Urban Trials? Are you having a f**king laugh? .

MS should knock out a Fat Princess clone and call it Plump Princess.

Up for some Thrillzone, StonceoldMC?