All Uncharted 2 DLC is now free

Get some skins and weapons at no cost

As part of the latest US PlayStation Store content update Sony has made all downloadable content for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves available for free. Good on it.


The gratis content includes the Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack, previously priced $2.99; the Golden Gun Pack, previously priced $0.99; the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack, previously priced $2.49; the Sidekicks Skin Pack, previously priced $1.49; and the Siege Expansion Pack, previously priced $2.99.

It's good to see Sony making this kind of move. People who have stuck with the game thus far and might not have bought all the DLC are being rewarded, and those who might not have given the title a shot or have lapsed might feel inclined to play with all these free goodies on offer.

Sony hasn't said whether this offer will be available for EU customers but we've asked, so sit tight treasure hunters.

Last month Sony said lifetime sales of all four Uncharted titles stood at 17,320,000 units as of April 13, 2012. Well deserved we reckon.

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