Dragon's Dogma videos: Massive dragon battle and dev diary

Amazing look at the Ur-Dragon, and a developer chat about battle

If you've been on the fence about Dragon's Dogma so far, here are a couple of videos that could tip you in favour.

The first is gameplay footage of players battling the Ur-Dragon. This is an "asynchronous, ongoing online encounter" in which each player takes on the dragon, with the damage they deal contributing to the worldwide effort to slain the seemingly invincible beast.

When the Ur-Dragon finally dies, all players who contributed to his defeat will be rewarded - the biggest spoils going to the player who dealt the final blow - and have their names entered in an online Hall of Fame.

Below that is a sweet developer diary showcasing battling, multiplayer co-operation, 'Pawn' trading and more. Well worth a watch.

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