DSi and DSi XL price cuts make them relevant again

DSi drops below $100, DSi XL finally cheaper than a 3DS

Nintendo will slash the prices of its last-gen DSi and DSi XL consoles next weekend.


As of May 20, a DSi will set you back $99, which makes it a great little games machine to be had for under three figures.

Meanwhile, the DSi XL, which is currently a pointless offering because it costs the same as a shiny new 3DS ($169.99), will be yanked back into relevancy with a new price tag of $129.99. Still a bit steep, but much more like it.

DSi comes with Flipnote Studio, Nintendo DSi Camera and Nintendo DSi Sound pre-installed, and the DSi XL comes with additional software including Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock.