10 franchises overdue a sequel

These beauties deserve to be revisited...

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What more could you ask for from a game than the opportunity to deliver newspapers to people's houses? This much-revered 1984 arcade favourite from Atari was surely based on the unlikeliest subject matter ever in the history of the games industry. But its most amazing aspect was how incredibly addictive it was. It more or less did exactly what it says on the tin: you cycled around various neighbourhoods, delivering newspapers to subscribing households with as much precision as possible, gathering bonus points by doing things like throwing papers through the windows of non-subscribers' houses and running over flowers.

Naturally, there were countless obstructions to avoid (skateboarders and cats were the peskiest). And if things didn't go according to plan, you could still derive vast amounts of satisfaction by smashing as many windows as possible. Atari did make Paperboy 2, but it never felt like an essential purchase - perhaps because the original was so perfect. Which may explain why it never developed into a franchise.

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