Battlefield 3 double XP weekend starts tonight

Your chance to unlock some new gear

If you're still yet to unlock some of the high-end gear in Battlefield 3, this weekend is the time to make a go of it.


DICE is hosting a double XP weekend for the game this week. The bonus kicks off at midnight tonight pacific time (8am on Saturday, UK time) and concludes 11.59pm on Sunday May 13 (8am Monday, May 14 UK time).

It's a total XP bonus term, so it'll affect all players playing all maps and modes on ranked servers - and includes every kill, assist and revive. You're all invited.

Double points will be shown at the end of the match as "Additional Points". So don't freak out when your point counts are normal while actually playing.

DICE recently sent over a new Battlefield 3 trailer focusing on June's Close Quarters expansion. Check it out through that link.