E3 2012's Most Anticipated: The Last of Us

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Game: The Last of Us

Likelihood of E3 2012 showing: Very likely


After an initial teaser campaign featured ants infected with a fungal parasite, eagle-eyed players of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3 then spotted an in-game newspaper sporting the headline: "Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus." What did it mean? At the end of last year, we got to find out.

In development since 2009, The Last of Us is the biggest new exclusive on PS3. Sure, its themes might seem familiar, given that it's set in post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh - home to George Romero - and the city is over-run by a mysterious plague that has all but destroyed society over the last twenty years, and anyone contracting the infection develops huge fungal growths and turns into a feral zombie-like creature.

But don't roll your eyes just yet. This is Naughty Dog, after all.

First, the infection. It can be transferred through the air if enough spores are concentrated in one area, so to counter this the military have created quarantine zones to protect survivors. Checkpoints with scanners are set up, and anyone showing signs of infection is summarily executed. This makes moving around a dangerous activity - but roaming gangs of survivors attacking people for supplies inside the supposed 'safe' zones make staying put equally dangerous.


Next, the characters. First up is Joel, a rugged survivor in his late 40s who is dodging the military while smuggling weapons and drugs. Operating on the wrong side of the law, he makes a promise to a dying friend to smuggle a young girl, Ellie, out of a quarantine zone and escort her to safety.

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