Saints Row franchise hits 11 million sales globally

Boosted by the 4.25 million sales of Saints Row: The Third

The Saints Row franchise has been a beacon of light for THQ through recent tumultuous times, and it's still going strong.


The publisher has confirmed today that the franchise has sold over 11 million units worldwide.

This number has been given a major boost with the success of the latest game in the series, Saints Row: The Third, which has sold 4.25 million and has "generated the highest digital revenue of any console title in the company's history".

"Saints Row is firmly established as THQ's most successful owned-IP franchise," said the firm in its Q4 Fiscal 2012 financial report.

This has helped the company exceed targets for the quarter. "We exceeded our initial fourth quarter guidance for net sales, earnings and cash position, driven by high quality core games with a significant digital component, which is the blueprint for our future," said THQ President and CEO Brian Farrell.

"We have made significant changes to our business, and are on track to execute our strategy of delivering quality connected core gaming experiences, beginning with the sequel to the award-winning Darksiders in August."