Cave Vita games canned, shooter fans cry

Also, Cave boss Miko Watanabe quits

According to reports out of Japan, bullet hell shoot-'em-up developer Cave has canned two Vita games.


According to Andriasang, citing Japan's Famitsu magazine, the developer has slapped two titles planned for Sony's portable in the bin.

The games, announced at Tokyo Game Show last year, were a shooter and a social title that was apparently a new version of the "Sengoku-themed Shirotsuku", if that means anything to you.

The words "Cave" and "shooter" in the same sentence means a lot to us though, after bringing incredible shooters Dodonpachi: Blissful Death, Deathsmiles and more to iOS and being one of the most prominent shooter studios in the industry at the moment. So news of a cancelled shooter from Cave turns smiles upside down.

The site also reports that the developer's representative director, VP, and COO Miko Watanabe has resigned for "personal reasons", effective from May 31.

If you've not played a Cave shooter, download the free demos on iTunes.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]