E3 2012's Most Anticipated: StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

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Game: StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

Likelihood of E3 2012 showing: Certain


Heart of the Swarm is much more than just a new single-player campaign for StarCraft II. It's a whole new set of tools that radically alter the way multiplayer works. All those tricks, tactics, and techniques that have been developed since Wings of Liberty was released in 2010 have been turned on their head - and it's all thanks to this collection of new units.

The Swarm Host is basically a Brood Lord, but it can't fly. Press the R key and it'll burrow into the ground, then unleash a swarm of Locusts. These little guys can break up enemy defences - but can only stay alive for a short period of time.

Another new Zerg unit, the Viper, replaces the Overseer. Like him, it can detect cloaked and burrowed units, but is a lot more manoeuvrable. While before you had to guide a vulnerable, slow-moving bag of skin around the battlefield to keep track of everything, you can now attach eyeballs to regular combat units, transforming them into fast-moving mobile spotters. Incredibly useful.

They're also gifted spellcasters, and can use a power called Blinding Cloud to severely reduce the enemy's visibility. Most intriguing of all, though, is the Abduct ability, which can yank a single unit out of an entrenched siege line with a fleshy tentacle. Turtlers betware.

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