Black Ops 2: 7 things we learned from the new demo

Branching storylines, lady presidents and...Heath Ledger's Joker? The latest on Treyarch's Sci-Fi stunner....

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3. Black Ops 2's bad guy is from the same stable as Heath Ledger's Joker


That's right - BLOPS 2's antagonist Raul Menendez comes from the pen of David Goyer, a Hollywood screenwriter who has worked on films such as Blade, Jumper and Batman: The Dark Knight.

Obviously Goyer can't take all the credit for creating one of the most compelling film villains of all time (Heath Ledger's gloriously twisted performance is arguably what really brings the Joker character to life), but it's a hell of a thing to have on your CV, and no mistake.

Goyer has an aggressive, crude, pulpy writing style and although his previous foray into video game screenwriting (with Black Ops 1) was somewhat hit and miss, Treyarch believe that Goyer has outdone himself this time with Menendez. Anthony went as far as to say that Menendez has the potential to be one of the most iconic gaming villains of all time. How so? Click the next page...

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