CVG: Comments of the Week

"Needs more Wrex. Everything is better with more Wrex"

As we get closer to E3 the all the juicy news starts too peel away. Understandably developers and publishers are storing up all the good stuff for the big event next month.

But as always you fine readers have kept been at hand to comment on everything we post, big or small. Below are some of the best and brightest comments of the week.

Onwards and upwards E3!

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut: Hackett, EDI and Alenko returning

Needs more Wrex. Everything is better with more Wrex.

Even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich MrPirtniw?

Company of Heroes 2: First previews, screens go live

Woo! A definite buy most likely.

Translation: Maybe I'll definitely buy this. Get off the fence spaceman_DOUG

Saints Row: The Third Penthouse Pack DLC out now - trailer

If four of us spend a few hours on Google researching one each and then exchange notes we can decide if this is good DLC or something we'll go to hell for.

I suppose I've got Nikki Benz. Go team!

Sounds like a good use of time to us El Mag

Take-Two expects to be 'at the front of the line' next-gen

I hope its RDR and a new Bully.

What? New Bully? What do you know Barca Azul, oh...hope. Dang it.

Introducing CVG's E3 dream team

I'll just go right ahead and ask for what everybody else wants but are a bit embarrassed to ask for themselves....

Bring us back a booth babe each. Preferably the ones that aren't dead behind the eyes and high. - El Mag

You can with a suply of Rohypnol. - rbt2

You know, I was going to complain about my lack of mention, given that boskersrevenge (an account that must have been offline for almost a year now) was on the list. Then I noticed that El Mag wasn't there either.

Carry on, you crazy diamonds. - Balladeer

Pffft, Guy Gamers are better thats why?!.

*insert female gamer/kitchen joke here*

Oh and im not on the special list! Im totally too pro for it anyhow!! Lol. - KMakawa

And now our heartfelt apologies for missing out the following users on our shout out in the article. We love you all.