Unreal Engine 4: Epic says it has not declared its Wii U strategy

New engine 'has not been publicly confirmed for any system beyond PC'

Tech vendor Epic Games has responded to speculation that its next generation dev platform, Unreal Engine 4, will not support Nintendo's Wii U system.


The company has told CVG that, while Unreal Engine 3 will expand support to the next Nintendo console, the company "has not confirmed platforms for Unreal Engine 4 beyond PC".

Earlier, video games journalist Geoff Keighley suggested that Epic Games had confirmed that Wii U would not host games built on Unreal Engine 4, adding that the information had come from Epic Games president Mike Capps.

Keighley is currently working closely with Epic Games as part of an Unreal Engine 4 media showcase at E3 next week.

But a spokesperson for Epic Games did not confirm whether Wii U or not was an option.

If not, it would suggest that a mass of third-party Unreal Engine 4 games would only work on two TV consoles; the PlayStation 4 and the so-called Xbox 720. That in itself could be a significant set-back for Nintendo's plan to provide a future-proof ecosystem of third-party games.

If Unreal Engine 4 repeats the same feat as its remarkably popular predecessor, then the likes of EA will rely on the tech for numerous multiplatform releases. The lack of Wii U support could isolate the console.

Multiplatform blockbusters built on Unreal Engine 3 include Mass Effect, Batman Arkham Asylum, Borderlands, Dishonored and Mirror's Edge.

Epic Games is just days away from revealing Unreal Engine 4 at E3.

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