Welcome to CVG Australia

After weeks of furious late night coding, superfluous round table debate, several kilos of out-of-date chocolate and only one or two harmed animals, CVG Australia is finally here. You know this because you're looking at it.

Why does there need to be an Australian CVG? Well, for several important reasons. Firstly, why the hell not? Secondly, because things happen in Australia that don't happen everywhere else in the world. Games get banned, for instance. Thirdly, because the Australian CVG staff (that's us) were sick of seeing pound signs littered around the place. Our UK team were making a mess.

CVG is for all intents and purposes an Aussie site now, and we'll be updating news all day. Now that we're aboard the good ship CVG, this place is a 24-hour news service. So if you wake up at 3am and must know whether the special edition of Ghost Recon has been unboxed by some scantily clad model... now you can know that*.

Meanwhile, this blog will feature all manner of game-related material, but we're hoping to make it a home for debate and discussion. We'll chuck stuff up here that isn't "news", but is worth looking at anyway. Usually for a laugh.

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So thanks for having a look, and if you have any feedback let us know in the comment section below. To do so, you'll need to register.

The CVG Australia team

*We won't be reporting on every un-boxing video that appears on the internet. Sorry.