Horror game starring two-year-old child - trailer

Play an infant in first-person horror adventure, Among the Sleep

Norway-based developer Krillbite Studio has released a teaser trailer for a first-person horror adventure titled Among the Sleep, in which you play as a two-year-old child.


The teaser sees the player start off in a cot at night before wandering off through the dark house as they encounter all manner of ghostly activity.

"After being put to bed one evening, mysterious things start to happen," says the developer on its official site. "Being played in first person, the game let its players immerse themselves in a child's limitless imagination.

"In the borderland between dream and reality, surreal creatures and diverse environments will present you with both physical and mental obstacles that challenge your creativity."

It's an intriguing idea, if just a tad disturbing. The game will hit PC and Mac next year.

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[ SOURCE: Official Site ]