Sony to acquire OnLive or Gaikai - report

Takeover of one of the cloud gaming firms could be announced at E3

Sony may be planning to do much more than announce a cloud gaming deal with either Gaikai or OnLive at E3 - it's reportedly soon to reveal it has fully acquired one of the companies.

That's according to MCV, which says it has been informed by sources that takeover papers are "close to being signed".


Such an acquisition would have major implications not only for Sony's console arm but its wider business, making it possible for the company to stream its games not only to PlayStation devices but to other consumer technology products like its Bravia TVs and Vaio PCs. Players could benefit from the ability to access gaming content from multiple devices while on the move.

Back in January, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai suggested that disc-based consoles will remain the norm in the coming years, noting that "there's always going to be requirement for a business of our size and scope to have a physical medium". There's no reason why physical games and streamed ones couldn't live together on PS4, but if so the impact on the games retail sector would be highly significant.