Going geo-loco

Hello world and g'day to our Aussie cousins!

You may have noticed a small but radical change happening on CVG yesterday in that the site has gone from a one-world, one-size-fits all dot com, to discrete localised versions for the UK, Australian and International audiences.

What does it mean and how does it work? There are now three versions of the site (with a few more coming) and they change perhaps unsurprisingly depending on your location. The UK is focussed on UK news, the AU version is for our Aussie readers (g'day) and the international version compiles both into one all-encompassing mega version (like the old

The first time you visit the new site, a pop up will ask you which version you want and set a cookie so you visit that particular localised version each time.

But before you panic and spit your cornflakes it's important to note you can manually override this at any time, choosing to view whichever version you like, by simply clicking on the flags at the top and bottom of the site. Do let us know if you experience any odd behaviour or unusual anomalies during the transition

Why did we do it? Well mainly because our evil publishing overlords wanted it that way for their own dark purposes.

But more importantly, it means we get to serve you our audience better and provide you with the games news, features and reviews which are most relevant to your local area.

It also gives our Australian team a site of their own to play with, go say hello they're a nice bunch!

It also means we'll be able to offer local retailer deals, serve you more relevant content and spread the CVG love across the entire globe. Sounds like a plan. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.