Three new PS Vita "discovery apps" announced

...and they're all free

If you're not too busy shooting aliens in the face in Resistance: Burning Skies, maybe you'll be interested in three forthcoming "discovery apps" for the Vita.


Available in "coming months" (ie, whenever Sony is ready) the newly announced titles come in the form of Travel Bugs, Ecolibrium and Imaginstruments.

Travel Bug sounds like a Tamagotchi using FourSquare: you send a personalised bug on travel missions, during which it will take "travel snaps". Using Near, you'll be tasked with reaching destinations before your friends.

Ecolibrium is an "eco-system simulator", again implementing the Vita's Near functionality by allowing users to trade species.

Finally, Imaginstruments is a virtual ensemble including drums, guitar, theremin and violin (presumably among other instruments). You'll be able to record your work and share it with friends.

We've asked Sony for some images, and we'll update this story when they come through.