Gears of War: Judgement details: Class-based multiplayer, Epic involved

Xbox spin-off features 'Team Fortress-style' multiplayer mode

The first proper Gears of War: Judgement gameplay details have arrived, via US mag Game Informer.


According to users on the Epic forums, the People Can Fly-developed spin-off will take place 15 years before the original Gears of War, with Baird and the rest of Killo Squad standing trial for transgression against the Coalition of Governments.

The setting of the trial is Halvo Bay, the home to the Onyx Guard Academy and described as a modern day San Francisco modified for wartime life.

Despite PCF's experience working on FPS games Bulletstorm and Painkiller, Judgement will again take the form of a third-person shooter, according to GI subscribers, and the dev is " heavily involved" in both the campaign and multiplayer (although Epic's original creators are involved to "make sure it's still Gears").

Campaign details are thin on the ground at this point, but multiplayer sounds like it's undergoing somewhat of a makeover. Online battles are now class-based, and there's even a "Team Fortress-style" game mode called Overrun.

Locust classes include Wretches, Tickers, Kantus , Grenadiers, Corpsers and more. COG classes include Engineers (with the ability to plant sentry turrets and repair fortifications), Soldiers (deploy ammo crates), Medics (with stim gas grenades) and Scouts (with sniper rifles and the ability to climb some terrain).

More details - and the first media - are expected to come out of Microsoft's E3 press conference tomorrow at 5pm BST / 9am PST. For more E3 planning fun, stick your eyes on our E3 diary.