EA poised to announce Mass Effect Wii U

New game expected to be revealed at Nintendo press conference - CVG will be covering the event LIVE

Electronic Arts is set to back Wii U with one of its most lucrative brands of the moment, Mass Effect, new rumours suggest.


The official German Mass Effect Facebook page has told its followers to tune in tonight to Nintendo's E3 press conference; a telling suggestion that the series will arrive on the upcoming Wii U console.

Last year at E3, EA CEO John Riccitiello pledged he would support Nintendo's new system with key games and franchises.

As a measure of the German Facebook page's authenticity - ordinarily a trifling matter but in this instance a crucial one - the official page is connected to EA's own official Facebook Page.

A spokesperson for EA was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

With The Mass Effect trilogy behind it, EA and BioWare have options for how it supports Nintendo - either by packaging the three games together as one, publishing each in a staggered release schedule, or in fact developing new content.

It will have not gone unnoticed at BioWare that Mass Effect's in-game codex could make an excellent gameplay companion if streamed to the Wii U's tablet device.

The truth behind the matter will be revealed in a matter of hours at Nintendo's E3 press conference. CVG will cover the event with live video and commentary.

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