New Super Mario Bros 2 release date revealed

Gold-obsessed platformer shimmers into stores August 19

Nintendo showed off new footage of its latest portable Mario title during its E3 press conference - and it's 'all about the gold', apparently.

Certainly, the footage backs up that claim. There are gold enemies, gold fireflowers, gold blocks - and more than anything else, gold coins.


Gold coins are literally everywhere, in fact. The emphasis appears to be on keeping Mario's pockets rammed full of gold - giving the game a speedrunning element at odds with the more sedate pace of the previous 2D Marios.

The golden Fireflower item, in particular, seems to be a one-way ticket to the Forbes List. Once gobbled up, Mario's porky fleshy transforms into solid gold, during which time the pyrite plumber is capable of spitting out little nuggets of golden fire from his, ahem, goldfinger, which turns any block it touches into a juicy gold coin. Cashback!

Alternatively, you can fling a golden shell across the floor in time-honoured fashion to make coins appear in its wake. At this rate of hyper-inflation extra lives are probably dished out after every nine million or so coins.

In non-coin related news, the Reznor from Super Mario World make a rare appearance, and Racoon Mario was also spotted, complete with the flight meter from Super Mario Bros 3.

New Super Mario Bros 2 is likely to be playable on the showroom floor, so check back soon for hands-on opinions from our golden boys at the scene.

The game hits US stores (and eShop as a digital download) on August 19th, with an EU release date yet to be confirmed.