Star Wars 1313: Plays like Uncharted, Running on Unreal 4?

Definitely Unreal, probably next gen - you do the maths

Thirty minutes ago, we sat down with LucasArts for a closed-curtains look at mature Star Wars title 1313 - and we spotted something.

Close Close

Not that it plays like Uncharted (though it does), but that it's running off Unreal. In a video tour of the studio, we spotted a member of the dev team using Unreal Editor - and given that 1313's almost certainly a showcase for next gen, the assumption must be that it's using the latest iteration of Epic's game builder.


LucasArts wouldn't be drawn, either on the engine or the platforms 1313 will come to, foiling our plans somewhat - but as soon as we get definite confirmation, we'll let you know.

UPDATE: Our man on the ground, Michael Gapper, has just sent through more detailed impressions: "Game was undeniably next gen, and was produced in cooperation with Nvidia. It was running on a PC with a 360 controller, and looked like Uncharted running in the Star Wars universe, but with facial animation, lighting, and physics well in advance of anything on current gen platforms. The facial animation alone is incredible." Also, Mike adds: "LucasArts said the game was in 'pre production'. They didn't even use the word 'alpha', so it's very, very early. There's no way it could run on current gen hardware, but even if it could, I'd guess it'll be out after November 2013 - in other words, after the next gen consoles launch."