Nintendo plans tough Miiverse moderation - user posts could be delayed by 30 mins

Company president claims half-hour delay 'should be acceptable'

Nintendo will hire a surveillance squad to manually monitor posts on the Wii U's social network, Miiverse.


The company said its moderation team is one element of a three-pronged initiative to curb levels of profanity and other non-family-friendly content posted on the network.

Miiverse is a new social network embedded in the new Wii U console, allowing users to post messages, make friends, publish doodles and share notes.

But each user post will be filtered before it is published online, the company's president - Satoru Iwata - told the Los Angeles Times.

Software programs will automatically scan for profanity and other such words, Iwata said, which will only delay the message by a few seconds. However, some posts which cannot be filtered by computers - such as images - will require manual moderation.

"The attraction of a social network is the immediacy of the feedback," Iwata said.

Regarding the expected delay to certain Miiverse posts, Iwata said "personally I think 30 minutes should be acceptable".

A third technique, content flagging, will employ the community to alert Nintendo to posts that may have slipped the net.

Nintendo shares have fallen two days in a row since the company revealed its Wii U hardware at E3.