Sony 'still supporting 3D gaming'

Sony Europe CEO: "It's not the new thing anymore - it's just part of the bedrock of content development"

The chief executive at SCE Europe insists the company has not abandoned its stereoscopic 3D gaming initiatives, despite the technology's absence at Sony's E3 press event this week.


During the company's E3 conference on Monday there was no mention of how the 3D PlayStation monitor announced at last year's show has fared at retail, and nor were special glasses offered to attendees to watch the latest PS3 gameplay demonstrations in 3D.

But in an interview published earlier today, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan told CVG the company isn't marginalising 3D.

"I just think that it's something that's now moving into the mature phase," he said. "You only have so much time at these things, and there was an attempt at yesterday's conference to make it shorter - which I thought was excellent.

"3D was the new thing two years ago, it's not the new thing anymore - it's just part of the bedrock of content development and publishing," he added.

Asked if major first party games will still be supporting 3D as standard, Ryan said: "Where appropriate, yes. Not where it doesn't make sense, but where appropriate - absolutely."

In the same interview, Ryan said Sony is "very relaxed and confident about the prospects for Vita this year and beyond" due to a range of upcoming "killer content".

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