Crytek: We're already 'way beyond' next-gen consoles

Next iteration of CryEngine "pushing the boundaries"

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has told CVG that the Crysis studio's CryEngine tech is "way beyond next-gen consoles already".


Speaking to us at E3, the exec teased boundary-pushing new features for the next iteration of Crytek's game engine.

"There are two CryEngine teams working in parallel," he said. "One is refreshing the current version and the second team is working on the major version.

"We've been touting CryEngine as a next-gen technology for about two years now. Since 2010 CryEngine has been next-gen ready. You look at today's next-gen offerings with supposedly next-gen graphics... That's exactly what we were talking about two years ago.

"People have by now caught up but we haven't been sitting around - we've been pushing the boundaries as well," he added. "A lot of these features will be visible in the next iteration for the engine.

"We were one of the first studios in the world to get access to all of the next-generation consoles. Obviously we can't talk about what they are but we know what next-gen entails. I think people... I'm not going to judge it because it'll get me in trouble, but next-gen is actually not a clear picture right now."

In a recently published interview, Rasmus Hojengaard, director of creative development at Crytek, told us about some of the CryEngine 3 enhancements Crytek has made since Crysis 2, and how they'll impact the upcoming sequel's visuals and gameplay.

"We have a number of new rendering capabilities that we haven't yet used in a game that we'll certainly want to push, like all kinds of tessellation systems, a new vegetation system which reacts to physics and to winds and stuff like that," he said.

"Another new feature which is a little less render specific but is actually a big deal for CryEngine is that we have quadropedes, so the [Ceph] Scorcher is a quadropede. Even though that doesn't sound like a big deal it's actually really complicated to make work, especially when you need to have all the feet align with the ground at any one point. It's not an easy feature which is why you don't see many four-legged creatures in games. It's very rare, and when it has been done often it feels a little stiff and weird, but it's turning out really well for us."

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