Vote now: Is the Lara 'rape' outcry justified?

Has Crystal Dynamics gone too far with the latest Tomb Raider? Is the media outcry unfair? Share your voice in our reader poll

Square Enix is engulfed in a media storm regarding a claim from a producer that Lara Croft is the victim of attempted rape in the next Tomb Raider game.


The studio swiftly issued a statement overnight which now insists the alleged scene does not exist, and that the controversy was due to miscommunication.

For months Square Enix has promoted Tomb Raider on its striking violence and adult content - is this justified in a medium that wants to be taken more seriously, or simple shock tactics?

CVG wants to hear your voice on the matter. We have focused the debate on two issues, which are found in the survey questions below. We will soon publish the poll results, and you can also help shape the debate in the comments section below.

For reference, below is the Tomb Raider trailer at the centre of the controversy, and here is the full response from Crystal Dynamics.

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