Miyamoto: Modern games take too long to start being fun

Nintendo looking to its old games for inspiration

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto says that Nintendo is holding internal discussions to figure out how it can make modern games more instantly rewarding - like it's old classics.


Miyamoto acknowledges that the added complications of modern games and the need for extensive tutorials delays the player from the fun that's tucked away behind them. Old games used were simpler, and so they were fun almost instantly, and Miyamoto and his team wants this back.

"This is actually a topic that has been a big discussion internally for us lately," Miyamoto told Kotaku.

"I think there a couple of things going on. One is that, often times we're creating games where you're doing a lot of different actions. Zelda is an example of one of those. And, particularly with these types of games, you have to first learn the action and then you have to master the action and then you have to have more actions added in and master those."

Miyamoto later went on, "So one of the things we're talking about internally is how can we get people to that point of fun more quickly, and 'How do we balance the need to teach them how to do something with the need for them to be able to master it and feel they can do it well?'- and also tell the story - and 'What is that overall balance and how we approach it?' That's one of the key things we're talking about with Zelda right now."

If we were in that boardroom, we'd 'A Link to the Past' running on a giant screen and force everyone to watch us playing it over, and over, and over again.

Miyamoto has also recently revealed that he'd like to make a first-person shooter, if only he had the time to do it.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]