19 Sony heroes that belong in All-Stars Battle Royale

'I could have been a contender'...

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Game: Heavenly Sword
Year: 2007
Platform: PS3
Developer: Ninja Theory
Who?: Big-haired protector of the Heavenly Sword
When God Of War III bludgeoned its way onto PS3 everyone forgot Nariko. Battle Royale is her chance to reclaim the throne. Her Swiss Army-knife multiblade weapon is perfect for arena fights.

Tony Hawk


Game: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Year: 1999
Platform: PSone
Developer: Neversoft
Who?: Pro skateboarder and bloody-shinned millionaire
Hawk's a lover not a fighter, but he's got an axe to grind after Ride and Shred bombed. So don't be surprised when the Birdman skates into Battle Royale and beats Sackboy's zip off with the blunt end of his deck.

Gitaroo Man


Game: Gitaroo Man
Year: 2001
Platform: PS2
Developer: iNiS
Who?: The star of the best rhythm action game on PS2
Before Activision put plastic controllers in everyone's hands the real guitar hero was Gitaroo Man. Back in 2001 he beat a bully, got the girl, and saved the galaxy armed with just a guitar and an album's worth of great tunes. Battle Royale already has PaRappa, but one rapping dog against the Legendary Song? The pup had better bring an army.

Sir Daniel Fortesque


Game: MediEvil
Year: 1998
Platform: PSone
Developer: SCE Cambridge
Who?: The reanimated bones of a champion knight
In the '90s, you could make a game about anything. The N64 had a game starring a glove and PSone had a game starring Bruce Willis. So a comedy skeleton in a suit of armour seemed quite sensible. Sir Dan's ability to use his own arm as a melee weapon makes him worthy of a second resurrection, and besides, MediEvil earned a sequel, which is more than Brucie managed.

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