Violence overkill: Five games that should tone down the gore

CVG highlights promising games that risk drowning in their own blood

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Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream's next game, according to its writer David Cage, will attempt to explore themes of the afterlife and and what lies "between our world and beyond."

"Beyond will be unlike anything you've experienced before, it will be emotional, mature and unique," Cage said when unveiling the game at E3.

The trailer, however, was a bit of an eyebrow-raiser: SWAT teams armed with assault rifles, exploding helicopters, car chases and pronounced profanity. There's a bit of a disconnect between Cage's romanticised ambitions, which present a sombre exploration of the themes, and the bombastic gung-ho trailer.

What was often cited as the greatest asset of Heavy Rain was its sparing use of violence. Quantic Dreams should bear this in mind as it pushes ahead with production on Beyond.

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