Zelda Wii U: What we want to see

CVG brainstorms the exciting potential of the next Zelda, but what do YOU want to see?

One of our biggest E3 2012 disappointments was the lack of Zelda Wii U shown. Nintendo revealed a new entry in the series for the Wii U was in the works at E3 2011, but later clarified that it was just a prototype.

Since then we've heard nothing about it, Nintendo didn't reveal anything this year - as it was expected to do - but was cheeky enough to show off the same prototype video again. With Nintendo refusing to throw us a bone we've been forced to come up with our perfect Wii U Zelda game in our heads.

As always we've compiled a few of our ideas and thrown them into the list below. Let us know what you want from Zelda Wii U in the comments below.

The Kirby look


The Zelda series cycled through a number of distinct visual styles, from the realistic aesthetic of Twilight Princess to the gorgeous cel-shaded cartoon style of The Wind Waker and the DS spin-offs.

The prototype Zelda Wii U video showed off a style that looks to be a mixture between Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, but we'd like to see Aonuma and the gang come up with something more unique. Our suggestion is something similar to the textured cloth aesthetic used in Kirby Epic Yarn.

Nintendo is already using something similar for the Zelda mini-game in Nintendo Land, we'd love to see the vast Hylian landscapes in the same style.

Full Motion Plus


Years of playing Zelda with traditional controllers meant we were very cynical going into Skyward Sword, but after an hour we found the Wii Motion Plus control scheme to be intuitive and - more importantly - a lot of fun. Instead of letting muscle memory take over during combat we were forced to constantly pay attention when swinging our sword.

We're hoping Nintendo holds on to this control scheme for the next Zelda, it worked too well to discard it. The platform holder has already said the Wii U hardware will support all existing Wii accessories and controller which means it could essentially refine the coding work done for Skyward Sword for the new game.

Of course this would mean the GamePad would have to be used for something else...

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