The 20 best XBLA games you can play right now

And they're all less than £11...

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16. Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Price: 1200 Released: Aug 2011 Size: 945.15MB

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A surprisingly solid shooter that carries on the work Army Men started last generation. The shooting is entertaining, if not quite faultless, but the action is relentless and the vehicles varied.

17. Dead Rising Case West

Price: 800 Released: Dec 2010 Size: 1.14GB

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So, you've finished Dead Rising 2 and need a little more zombie-killing in your life? Case West brings back original game hero Frank, along with his trusty camera, and lets you smash undead skulls for five or so hours. So simple, so pure.

18. Trials Evolution

Price: 1200 Released: Apr 2012 Size: 1.23GB

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Not just a vanilla, physics-based motocross sim. Oh no. This is rammed with straight races, mini-games, excellent four-player multiplayer, competitive leaderboards, and an incredible track editor that lets you build the physics-defying obstacles and roadways of your fevered motorcycling dreams. Now based in the great outdoors, the tracks are brighter and more challenging (and there's a massive 50 of them in single player Career mode). Plus you can fully customise your bike and rider. It's huge.

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