Anarchy Reigns delayed to 'Q1 2013'

Despite development completion, Sega holds off release

The US and European release of Platinum Games' mental brawler Anarchy Reigns has been shoved way back into 2013.


Confirming via Twitter today, publisher Sega said, "The release of Anarchy Reigns has been re-evaluated. We now expect to launch in Europe and America in Q1 of 2013."

That's a huge shame considering development and localisation has been complete for some time, as Platinum Games confirmed when a "TBC" delay was first announced.

"We worked really hard to make sure that everybody could get the game on time. We really wanted everybody online around the world to play together at the same time but unfortunately that's not going to happen," said a Platinum Games rep. "In the West Sega is looking for the best time to put it out," they added.

In a rather unorthodox move, the rep went on to nudge gamers gently towards importers. "The game is fully localised. If you buy the Japanese version or any version, it's going to have all the languages in it," they confirmed. "There will still be ways for you to get it if you know where to go."

It's out in Japan on July 5, will have full English language content, and is apparently region free on Xbox, as well as PS3 (all PS3 games are region free).

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]