Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review round-up: 'Kinect's biggest failure'?

Reviewers go Heavy on Kinect mech game - all the review scores rounded up

Reviews have gone live for From Software's ambitious Kinect mech game, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor - and the scores aren't particularly high.

According to one reviewer, Heavy Armor is "the worst implementation of Kinect controls I've ever experienced." Ouch. Read downwards for the review round-up...

  • CVG: 3.7 - "Without Kinect this is an 8/10 game. With it, this is a maddening, brutal, clumsy mess that'll kick your ass and tie you in knots. It simply doesn't work."
  • Polygon: 1/10 - "Kinect may have many strengths, but recognizing small gestures isn't one of them. Heavy Armor requires them almost exclusively, turning gameplay into unending frustration."
  • Destructoid: 3.0 - "Maybe at some point, the Kinect requirement can be patched out of it. Until then, piloting these Vertical Tanks even while sober may result in a loss of brain cells."
  • Games Radar: 3.0 - "Probably the most unpardonable sin here is that there is nothing in Steel Battalion that can't be pulled off a hundred times better with a controller."
  • IGN: 3.0 - "Heavy Armor might be Kinect's most spectacular failure, but it's precisely because it's so ambitious."
  • Kinectaku: 4.0 - "Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a glorious failure, a noble attempt to reconcile the previously disconnected casual and hardcore camps."