Video: New God of War Ascension gameplay footage analysed

Beautiful, fun to play, but "astonishingly familiar", says our expert

With Sony unwilling to commit to the next generation (publicly, at least) - and Microsoft happy to join them in a tit-for-tat denial-fest - it's left to system-shifters like Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream and Sony Santa Monica to save the current generation of consoles in space year 2013.

In prequel God of War: Ascension, you return to the start, exploring - in the words of director Todd Papy - Kratos' "human side"; a human side that involves the total and utter destruction of anything that gets within breathing distance, and a brand new multiplayer mode.

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In the video above, PSM3's Dan Dawkins talks extensively about his impressions of the game, having seen it up close and personal at E3. And while he's impressed with the strides the series has made graphically, and positive about the introduction of multiplayer, he also calls the game "astonishingly familiar" and suggests the God of War franchise could be in danger of stagnating.

Worth a listen, this.