WoW: Mists of Pandaria TV ad features Aubrey Plaza

Scott Pilgrim star admits it's not easy being an Orc

Blizzard have got good form in hiring celebs to promote the all conquering World of Warcraft, who could forget Mr T's Night Elf Mohawk, Ozzy Osbourne's prince of darkness or indeed even more memorably Chuck Norris.

Remember there's 10 million people in World of Warcraft because Chuck Norris allows them to live.

Well with new expansion pack Mists of Pandaria hoving into view before too long, Blizzard has dipped back into its star-filled bag for another round of celebrity endorsement and they've come up with hot Orc, Aubrey Plaza, star of Scott Pilgrim which we present for your delectation here.

Enjoy, this is a bit of an exclusive over this side of the pond and remember it's not easy being an Orc.

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Blizzard has said it is 'geeked out' by the forthcoming expansion and in our recent interview with Chief Operating Officer Paul Sams claimed that they 'wouldn't hesitate to do a tablet version' of the all conquering MMOPRG.