Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut features new dialogue options

Add-on requires you to play last mission over again

BioWare's Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC changes don't seem to be limited to just longer cut-scenes.


Players currently working through the Extended Cut DLC are reporting the developer has added new dialogue options and tweaked gameplay sequences with the add-on.

According to NeoGAF users the Extended Cut DLC drops players to the beginning of the last mission, which means they'll have to take Shepard through the lengthy final assault sequence a second time. In total re-experiencing the Mass Effect 3 ending will eat up two hours.

Mass Effect 3's 1.9GB Extended Cut DLC is now available for free download on Xbox Live. However, PlayStation 3 owners in Europe won't be able to download the content until July 4th.

Alternatively you can watch a live stream of the Mass Effect 3 ending DLC here.