Amazon Germany changes Wii U price to €349

But retailer refuses to answer questions on validity of RRP

Online retailer Amazon Germany has amended its Wii U listing RRP from EU399 to EU349.


Since the listing appeared last week, CVG has on several occasions asked Amazon UK and to clarify whether or not it randomly selected a Wii U RRP as a means to draw attention to its product pages.

Amazon UK and both pledged to provide clarification but have since failed to do so.

It is suspected, though not confirmed, that the Wii U listing is provided with a placeholder RRP that has no bearing on the actual launch price for the Wii U.

Last week, Amazon UK was forced to cancel its £199 Nintendo Wii U pre-orders after admitting it did not know what the price would be.

Under current exchange rates, EU349 would equate to £280 and $435.