Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut: The fans won. Or did they?

BioWare's DLC adds an extra layer of closure...

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Nevertheless, Shepard can press for more. In fact, one of the options is, "I want details", which leads the Child into spouting extra granular exposition. All this, keep in mind, is for hardcore fans of the series. It'll either wash over or confuse casuals. It's like if Star Wars came to a crashing halt to allow Luke to ask how the Millennium Falcon's thrusters work.

Concluding the talk with the Child, it all goes a bit Independence Day. Along with the usual shots of troops fighting in a grey-skied London, there's a 15-second scene of the Asari fighting a similar battle on their home world Thessia, then the Krogan on Tuchanka. It doesn't necessarily clarify anything, but it's an effective way of giving the conflict greater scale than 'a street in London'.


Then comes the biggest change. At the end, where normally the credits roll, there's a montage of static shots - Mordin doing some calculations, Reapers flying away from Earth, the Citadel floating in bits through space. Think Deus Ex: Human Revolution's ending, Bioware, like Eidos Montreal, probably lacking time and money to go for a full-on, full-motion cutscene. In this case it's understandable.

During this, a post-human Shepard narrates. This is after we've given up our humanity to control the Reapers. He's clearly not himself, calmly referencing his 'past form' in third person. Basically, everyone's okay, and he goes on for three minutes, and then the Normandy's surviving crew pins his name to the board of deceased crew members. Closure.

After the credit's is one last gesture of goodwill - a "thank you" from Bioware. The previous one was basically a slap in the face ( "Well done for playing, now buy the DLC!") but this note's a little gentler, a little more personal. It sums up the ending, and in a way, the entire incident.

Perhaps Bioware, after putting every effort into making an incredible series of games, will think a little bit more about how to end it. Like I said, for me, the previous one was solid enough - but, for fans less certain and more vocally opposed, this should offer a softer extra layer of closure.

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