'Hidden DLC script' in Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Next mission synopsis sneaks into new ME3 ending content

BioWare has spliced what appears to be a narrative for upcoming paid DLC in the new Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut.


The 1.9GB free download, which expands upon the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3, features documents that outline the direction the game will take.

The full spoiler-ridden text has been published on Pastebin while games site Eurogamer has published a plot summary.

Pouncing on the rejuvenated interest in Mass Effect 3, a number of BioWare executives have publicly teased upcoming DLC for the title.

Mike Gamble, a producer on the game, on Tuesday tweeted to his followers: "As I've said before, we do this for you! The Extended Cut was our gift to the fans. Hope you enjoyed. Also... keep your ears open over the next little while."

Follow the link to watch all the new Mass Effect 3 endings.