Poll results: Expanded Mass Effect 3 ending divides audience

CVG survey reveals 38% of readers are pleased with new conclusion; 44% of readers still unhappy

The results of our latest poll are in and have revealed that the CVG audience is largey divided on the new Mass Effect 3 endings.


The 24-hour CVG survey, which launched yesterday, asked readers whether the expanded endings provided a more satisfying conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy.

In total 44 per cent of the 1478 respondants said they still weren't happy, while 38 per cent claimed they enjoyed the conclusion. A further eighteen per cent, meanwhile, said they were pleased with the original conclusion.

User daffy88 set the tone for those opposed to the new content: "I would've liked an ending, where the army I spent most of the game building, took the fight to the reapers and won. I made sure my galactic readiness was 100% and I had gained enough support. There doesn't seem to be a choice that takes this into account."

"Taken individually these endings add some immediate closure to the choices and seem better," said bazzatuk.

"But none of these endings fit in well with the whole story of Mass Effect, it leaves a ton of silly questions (the ones I know most of the fans wanted answering), and the star child still seems like a quick fix deus ex machina for an ending. Nope, still not happy, and I have every right to be unhappy."

Yet positive reactions were not in the minority.

"Admittedly I am a disappointed that my previous choices didn't seem to affect the ending but I definitely have closure," said Complexion.

"Well, I like these endings better, they may be a little too 'nice and rosey' but i am not going to complain about that," added metallicorphan.

"The endings are now distinct, and there is some clarity and conclusion that was severely lacking originally. Still some holes but there's hope for the future now," explained Imaduck.

BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson recently claimed that the reworked content "won't satisfy everyone".

The results do not necessarily reflect the views of CVG.

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