Sleeping Dogs censored in Japan: Civilian brutality punished

Open-world title gets AO rating and a few cuts

Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs has recieved an Adults Only rating in Japan, which means consumers will have to ask for the game by name at store counters.


The United Front developed title, which goes by the name 'Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Secret Police' in Japan, has recieved a few cuts and tweaks to make it more Nippon friendly.

The most noticable is a penality for attacking civilians during certain missions. It isn't clear yet what the punishement is, but we've got our fingers crossed for something amusing like explosive dihorrea.

Other tweaks include the removal of a character that signals the start of a street race, presumably so players don't try and turn the poor fella over, and a less gratitious sex scene.

Square Enix has issued an August 14 release date for Sleeping Dogs.

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