Half-Life 3 concept art allegedly 'leaked'

Unofficial, unverified images suggest direction next game will take

A Half-Life fan site claims to have acquired concept art from a "Valve employee" which appears to depict new scenarios in the long-delayed Half-Life 3 title.

A sketch of key character Alyx Vance wearing Eli's jacket is just one of thirty-two painted images of the unannounced Valve game, apparently designed in 2008.

Fan site claims to have received the files which were supplied by "a Valve employee".

CVG has contacted Valve for clarification.

If official, the designs would not necessarily act as a foretoken to scenarios in the upcoming game. Some appear to be in sync with the direction that the series pointed towards in key narrative developments of Half-Life 2 Episode 1 and 2.

Some sketches show Miss Vance visibly gaunt and grazed, while others depict a helicopter crash in a desolate, snow-covered region.

With indications that Half-Life 3 will conclude the final moments in the Half-Life story arc, some images suggest the game will progress towards the Combine's natural habitat.

A selection of images can be found below

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