FIFA 13: "I think it's all the best bits of FIFA - in one game"

Producer David Rutter on staying number one...

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FIFA was always an attacking game, but before, when you were defending all you did was just hold a button. There's not really any skill or fun in that. Introducing a system that made you think was the right move. When we looked at the telemetry from our game and who's using Tactical Defending over the old system we found 93% of our players use the new system, while only 7% are using the old Legacy system. I think that speaks for itself. If we got 93% of people to like what we did every time I'd be over the moon. I'm pretty pleased with Tactical Defending and the way it changed the game.

Do you think First Touch Control has the potential to have as big an impact on the FIFA series as 360 dribbling had in FIFA 10?

I've been asked before that, if last year was a revolution, then is FIFA 13 an evolution? Looking at our three major features last season (Precision Dribbling, Tactical Defending and the Player Impact Engine) they all fundamentally changed matches.

FirstTouch Control is Tactical Defending's equal when it comes to changing the game. Now you have tothink about the way you are receiving the ball. You have to think about how you are passing the ball. It's a very big change.

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