Watch Dogs site leaks users' e-mails

Ubisoft hacking game behind real-life information leak...

A viral website for Ubisoft's star of E3 2012, Watch Dogs has seen countless real-life users' e-mail addresses leaked into the public.


This month the publisher kicked off a viral campaign for the impressive open-world title, encouraging fans to sign-up for updates with their e-mail addresses on its official website.

However, this morning the campaign fired out an e-mail to everyone who'd signed up to the Watch Dogs campaign, including thousands of user's e-mail addresses in the CC field.

Not everyone received the offending e-mail - some CVG readers report their versions of the message lacking the e-mail address information - but certainly many did.

Considering the game's themes of information theft and hacking, it's been speculated that the e-mail leak could've been part of a wider publicity stunt, but this isn't confirmed.

We've contacted Ubisoft for comment. For the time being, if you haven't seen the Ubi Montreal title in action yet watch the first Watch Dogs gameplay video.